Over the coming weeks and months we will be doing individual Q & A sessions with our boys. Each boy has been given a sheet with questions which they will be able to fill in and return. Each week we will add one to the website so we can all read and learn about the lads and they can learn about their team mates. We are all relatively new to the team, some more than others so it will be good to learn about them and their personality. Don’t panic though,the questions aren’t intrusive so there will be no embarrassing moments when we read them! They will be added to the Latest News section on the u13 page. Over the season we will also try to add action shots from matches and the odd video here and there. The aim is to get the boys involved at every opportunity and make them feel special. One game into the season and we have already witnessed the negatives associated with junior football, we at MSA will do everything to ensure there is nothing but positives in our team and doing stuff like this will only add to our already superb atmosphere.